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When you are looking for sustainable, low maintenance and long warrantied products, look no further than a tile roof. By allowing us to be your qualified tile roof contractor, we can guide you through the process of constructing a tiled roof to fit your needs, budget and home design.

Tile Roofing Contractors in RI, MA and eastern CT

Although there is a higher upfront cost to a tiled roof, the longevity and low cost of maintenance of this type of roofing system make it an affordable and attractive product. You will definitely be choosing quality when opting for a tiled roof. You don’t have to sacrifice design or style either. As experienced New England roofing contractors, Tech Design Build & Remodeling can assist you in getting the most out of your new roof construction.

Benefits of Tiled Roof Construction

When installed properly, tiled roofs are lower maintenance than other roofing styles and come with a lifetime warranty from many manufacturers. Tiled roofs are not just for luxury homes, and come in many colors and designs, not just the typical red or brown prevalently seen.

You will benefit from a myriad of advantages when purchasing a tiled roof, including:

  • Class A fire rating
  • Withstand 125 mph winds
  • Hold up to earthquakes
  • Strong against hail
  • Good in hot or cold climates
  • Green product that can be recycled eliminating excess landfill waste
  • Sustainable due to it being a non-toxic mineral-based product
  • A product that does not deplete natural resources
  • Easy to repair, since each tile is an individual piece that can be replaced
  • Under tile air circulation allows for your home to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Great for rainwater catchment systems

Tiled roofing is a high-quality product that can really benefit your home and be a great choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Our knowledge and expertise from 34 years in the construction industry in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts can keep you feel confident that you have chosen the right team for your roofing needs.

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See the Benefits of Tile Roofs
See the Benefits of Tile Roofs
Learn About Your Roofing Options
Learn About Your Roofing Options