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Kitchens today are the heart of the home.

Whether you host big holiday parties, gather around the eating bar to do homework together after school, or simply keep your family fed and happy, your kitchen needs to work for you.

Do you dream of more kitchen storage? A friendly, bright, and airy kitchen? A modern kitchen designed around eco-friendly principles? Our kitchen design and kitchen remodeling services will help bring your vision to life.

Your Dream Kitchen

Tech Design Build & Remodeling loves helping you achieve your dream kitchen goals! We specialize in:

  • Small kitchen design
  • Farmhouse style sinks
  • Gorgeous tile backsplashes that make your kitchen pop
  • Granite, marble, and quartz countertops
  • Renewing butcher blocks
  • Kitchen islands
  • Modern kitchen design
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Breakfast bars
  • Gourmet kitchen appliances, chef-inspired design

Professional Remodeling Work

"A note of appreciation to Ray and Cheryl for your help and guidance with our kitchen remodel. A special thanks to Ken Howard for his professionalism and great attention to detail. Also to James Szydio and Matt, thank you for the great job on our new kitchen floor and back splash. I know we will enjoy our beautiful new kitchen for years to come!"

Don & Cathy Gaunt, Smithfield, Rhode Island
Don & Cathy Gaunt

Kitchen Remodeling Services for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

We offer three levels of kitchen remodeling:

  • Cosmetic Kitchen Remodel: Update your surfaces, like counters and sinks, but keep the current floor plan. Modernize your kitchen on a budget.
  • Kitchen Upgrade: Replace components, like cabinets and floors, but keep the current floor plan. Get more kitchen by making your current layout work smarter.
  • Complete Kitchen Redesign: Overhaul your existing space, with the potential to open up walls and change appliance locations. Create an urban oasis and find kitchen inspiration!

Tech Design Build & Remodeling makes kitchen remodeling easy. Design-build keeps the key players in tight communication, creating efficiencies that then afford you more kitchen for the same price. Our career carpenters and trusted subcontractors work tirelessly to deliver your gorgeous kitchen on budget and on time.

Whether your style is modern, rustic, traditional, shabby chic, elegant, or cottage-quaint, our designers will help you create a return on your investment with fresh, stylish kitchen ideas.

If you are an iron chef or a take-out queen, pay attention to your traffic patterns. Notice how your family uses the kitchen. Determine how much time you devote to different activities there: cooking, cleaning, entertaining guests, or drinking a cup of coffee with your favorite podcast. Then decide what type of kitchen makeover or design for your new house would be right for you.

Expert Kitchen Design Help

Our experienced designers will help you:

  • Chose the right countertop
  • Reinvent a truly tiny kitchen
  • Create a cheery, bright kitchen
  • Maximize organization and space saving features
  • Choose kitchen cabinets to match your style and needs
  • Improve flow and create efficient small kitchens
  • Create eco-friendly features and energy efficient design
  • Get creative with kitchen storage and space saving ideas
  • Choose gorgeous color palettes
  • Sort out contemporary kitchen must-haves
  • Find a home for all your kitchen gadgets and stop counter clutter
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Custom Tile to Custom Cabinets
Custom Tile to Custom Cabinets
Create the Kitchen You Deserve
Create the Kitchen You Deserve